What Tourist need to know before visit to Tanzania

October 10, 2019

Do you think that some tourists can be a bit annoying? Yes, of course. There are some annoying things that tourist do which you hear many tour operators complain about-of course, this is not like back-biting anyone rather trying to raise a point. In fact, most of the problems are common among tour operators. I’m writing about them such that if you are a tourist planning to come to Tanzania; read through and make sure that you don’t repeat them. Below is a list of those problems:

Forgetting bank charges

 When tourists go to bank to make the payments, most of them forget to add the bank charges which shall be incurred by tour operators especially when they are withdrawing that money which means that the tour operator always has to top up in order to have a final figure. This is what happens- most tourists send money for specific reasons, for example, they could send only for accommodation; if you come to an agreement with a tour operator and you would like to stay in a particular hotel or lodge, you shall have to book that lodge which requires you to pay some money.  When you send money for that particular purpose and you don’t include the bank charges and time comes for withdrawing the money, the bank shall take the bank charges from the money which the you sent; by the time the tour operators withdraws it, it shall have reduced depending on the bank charges which were deducted and this implies that the tour operator has to get money from anywhere and tops up.  Yeah, it can really be an unpleasant situation.

Pay late for the tour.

You should understand that the tour operator’s role is to  help you in organizing your tour but  for the tour company to be effective, it  always needs money to achieve that; there is no way a tour shall be arranged without any input  in terms of cash. Tour operators have to pay for the accommodation, park entrance, and sometimes transportation. You should lessen their burden by paying early enough instead of always thinking of late payments.

Sometimes tourists complain about the accommodation

If you want specialty services, you must make sure that you put in a lot of effort to give your opinion about what you need-you should be able to at least make some research about the different accommodations to ensure that they fit in your demands. Don’t get to the hotel and you start complaining as if the tour operator made that choice for you.

Picking advice from other tourists who happen to be on the tour

Advice is not always bad but sometimes it depends on who is giving it to you. When you are on your trip, you shall have great trust in the tour guide because his experience and knowledge about Tanzania. What some tourist do is that they seek some advice from other tourists whom they happen to meet on the tour and later, they find out that tour guide always had the best advice for them. Stick to your tour guide; let him be your compass as regards to Tourism in Tanzania.

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