What to carry on a birding safari in Tanzania

November 14, 2019

Birding is the new trend in safari travel. The activity is attracting a lot of masses to try it out. Tourists who plan to come for a birding experience all prepare beforehand to have a successful birding experience-some do walking practices, they choose the best birding tour company, and even go ahead and save for the activity. While all of that is really important, you should also think about what to carry in order to have a successful birding experience. Here are some of the things you need to carry for an enjoyable birding safari:

High quality and advanced camera.

There is no recommended camera for you to carry. I mean people love recommendations but I would say that any camera from a reputable camera manufacturing is good as long as it has some characteristics like of being able to takes photos of distant objects very well and also being in position to take an aerial photograph. During birding, you shall be taking a lot of aerial and distant photos. The reason for this is that birds are naturally meant to fly. They are never stable. You always see them flying from place to place, and if you are lucky enough, you shall see them landing to the ground but of course, they won’t take such a long time before they fly back. For this reason, you need to have an advanced camera to capture all the experiences and moments.

Some drinking water

You really need drinking water during your birding safari. For you to really enjoy birding, it is always better to go for a birding safari during a dry season because it always so much challenging to see birds in a rainy season. Many of them always take shelter and hide in their nests during those rainy seasons. Since birding requires some bit of walking, you need to have some drinking water in order to enjoy the activity. Remember that whenever people walk, they get thirsty so it is natural for you to have water to at least quench that thirsty.

Safari shoes

Not every shoes is good for a birding safari. You need to have closed shoes that are comfortable enough for your birding shoes. If you search on the internet using a keyword of “safari shoes”, I’m sure you have a good picture of the kind of shoes that I’m talking about. The reason why you shall require closed shoes, it that you will be trekking through bushes in most cases to have clear images of birds. Some birds love swampy areas and such areas are soggy, you would like it when mud gets into your feet. Simply get safari shoes for the experience.

Safari clothes

Go get nice safari clothes for your experience. Safari clothes always simple clothes-in most cases grey, brown, and dark green in color. Just find something that you feel is comfortable and closed enough for a birding experience. For the ladies, I wouldn’t expect to see you in open and revealing dresses. Actually trousers are better for this experience.
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