What you should know about the low season in Tanzania

November 14, 2019
Tanzania Safari: Ngorongoro crater

What you should know about the low season in Tanzania.
The low season is during that time of the year when there is few numbers of tourists visiting Tanzania. This could be witnessed by a sluggish slowdown in the tourism sector in general. You shall find that most accommodations around the national parks are empty, there so many safari cars in the parking-I mean no travel ambitions; seeing a safari car with tourists brings in that inner joy and hope. This normally occurs as part of what is going on in the western world. You should understand that most of tourists are foreigners who reside in different countries; they just decide to travel to Tanzania. If some event or situation is happening in their country, it shall surely affect their travel hence very few numbers down here in Tanzania. There are so many indications to know that you are now in a low season. Low inquiries from prospective tourists

From the tour operator’s view, what is going to signal a low season is seeing very few inquiries about the different itinerary or trips they offer. Tour operators become dormant with a reduction in the travel inquiries. I’m not saying that there won’t be inquiries at all. In fact, there shall be inquiries and bookings as well but the frequency of those inquiries is reduced compared what most tour operators witness in the peak season. We all know that seasons change-some season comes to an end and another one starts. If you are in the peak season and you start to witness a slowdown in the number of inquiries; it means the low season is loading. Actually for experienced tour operators, they know the month of the year with low numbers of travellers.

In the low season, the weather season is not so much favorable.
The reason why people don’t want to visit a certain destination is because of the prevailing weather condition. Every tourist wants to visit a destination with the perfect weather conditions to guarantee their chances of enjoying every detail activity on their safari. If the weather conditions are not favorable, it makes the sense a lot more challenging. For example, if you are planning to go the national parks for a wildlife experience, a lot of wildlife will simply hide in their habitants to protect themselves from bad weather which means that you shall miss out on some of those spectacular experiences. Even the roads to the parks some times are muddy, or the tracks in the national parks many times become muddy during the rainy period which makes it a bit challenging to enjoy your game drive. Actually, a low season occurs during the rainy season or during bad weather conditions.

The accommodations are empty so there is a lot of a choice for you.
Like they say that every disadvantage has its own advantage, moving to Tanzania during the low season can be highly beneficial to any tourists. You shall be able to make the best bargain on almost everything. In terms of accommodations, it is normally cheap because the room occupancy rate is low so there is an opportunity to bargain and get the best deal. The same applies to transportation, you can always negotiate the best safari car and you get it because there are no tourists to use them.

Tour operators are not so much busy so you can get the best deal.
This is the time to negotiate the best deal. You can be offered a tour at a relatively cheaper price because the resources are readily available to make it happen. The guides are always looking for work and so are the tour operators. You can highly get the best deal. It is up to you whether to travel during the peak or low season but one thing is for sure, you shall have the best of trip once you come in Tanzania.

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