Overview: Join and experience the wonder of the world – the Great Migration on the Serengeti plains. On a five day private Wildebeest Migration safari you will visit three major Tanzanian national parks starting Lake Manyara or Tarangire National Park. Prepare yourself for majestic Serengeti where migration peaks at this time of the year. Most days are camping, but on some days clients can opt for a budget lodge (no extra charge). Upgrades to medium or luxury accommodation are available.

DAY 1 TARANGIRE (June to October) or LAKE MANYARA (December to March)

Migration Safaris

Tarangire NP (June to October)
After breakfast we will continue to Tarangire National Park.
The Park is an endless pageant of wildlife with undoubtedly the richest Elephant population in Africa with surprisingly large herds. It has an extensive collection of exotic birds, antelopes, lions, leopards, giraffes, buffaloes and the supposedly tree climbing pythons which can be seen around the swamps. But the most important feature of this Park, the game in the necklace, is the Tarangire River. This is a well established view point, where game can be viewed ambling to and from the River throughout the day. Thousands of animals migrate from Maasai steppe to the Tarangire River, looking for water. Baobab trees, also called  ‘upside down trees’, are among the World’s biggest trees and can be seen thriving all along the river-banks and all over the park too. This African National Park is also home to three rare species of animals, the Greater Kudu, the Fringe-eared Oryx as well as a few Ashy Starlings.

Dinner & overnight Hotel/Lodge according to the type of accommodation options requested.
Included accommodation 

– BUDGET: Camping
Optional upgrade:
– MEDIUM: Osupuko Lodge/ Moramboi Tented Camp
– LUXURY: Sopa Tarangire/Tarangire safari lodge

Lake Manyara NP (December-March)
Depart from Arusha at 9 am. We will drive for about two hours, passing through the agricultural and fresh product market town of Mto Wa Mbu, which is situated next to the entrance of the Lake Manyara National Park. The town is a souvenir hunters’ paradise.
We will enter Lake Manyara National Park.Expect to see unspoiled paradise with ground water forest, laced with underground springs and teeming with wildlife such as elephants, hippos, giraffes, buffaloes, the largest baboon troops in Africa and some of the antelopes. It is full of outstanding birding places with more than 400 species on display and butterflies. This park is famous for the tree climbing lions, luckily seen resting on acacia trees. From your vehicle, you will have a marvellous view of the Rift Valley escarpment, sparkling in the sun. Lake Manyara is a salt lake with thousands of flamingos. You can also see pelicans, storks, kingfishers and many other birds.  It is also a famous jungle, where early Tanzanian movies were filmed
Dinner & overnight on the top of the Great Rift Valley offering an eagle eye view on the whole of Lake Manyara, according to the type of accommodation options requested.

Included accommodation: 

– BUDGET: Camping or Crater Rim Inn (clients can choose). The lodge option is subject to availability.

Optional upgrade:
– MEDIUM: Country Lodge / Bouganvilia
– LUXURY: Farm house / Serena Lake Manyara

After breakfast, we will start our drive past the unique and gorgeous Ngorongoro Conservation Area to the Serengeti National Park.
The warm and inviting colors of the very core of African wildlife are a symbol of the Serengeti National Park. The most intriguing, yet amazing natural legend of the timeless African landscape rolls before your eyes when the wildebeest embark on the most important journey of their lives: the amazing migration, which is often referred to as the “Eighth wonder of the world.”
The height of their expedition is a blast for all the spectators, since there is practically no need for a game drive. As far as the eye can see, thousands upon thousands of animals herd when the migration reaches its pinnacle; from tall and graceful giraffes, which feed on the tops of trees and pay no attention to the visitors, to bulky, yet sweet hippos, which trim the grasses in the serene nights, jumping antelopes and gazelles and the most respected group of animals: predators.
You will be able to spot lean cheetahs and shy leopards, foraging hyenas, which laugh their way through the plains, powerful crocodiles in the Grumeti river, which pray discreetly for the sick and weak animals at the crossing and last but not least, the king himself; the lazy lion, slowly marching through the savannah and letting the “mistress” hunt for fresh meals.
We will then head to the central park area, known as the Seronera area. This area provides a variety of habitats for wild animals, the most important of them being the Seronera river, which is the main attraction for herds of game and families of predators, because it is a rich source of water to quench their thirst. For this reason, the great majority of animal species in the Serengeti National Park can be found here and thus it would be a sin not to stop and watch the animals in their natural habitat.
We will drive south of the Seronera river, along the Sogore river circuit to look for Thompson’s gazelles, topis, ostriches and possibly also predators, such as lions or cheetahs.

We recommend a visit to the Visitors Center, located near the Serengeti Seronera Lodge and the public campsites. It is a great spot to see some wildlife or buy information leaflets or maps of the area. You can buy snack or drinks at the center too and take a walk around a kopje in the vicinity or cool in the picnic area, where we will eat our picnic lunches and the giant acacia trees will protect you from the hot sunrays.
Dinner and overnight in the heart of the Serengeti National Park according to the standard and the type of accommodation requested from our options.

Included accommodation: 

– BUDGET: Camping
Optional upgrade:
– MEDIUM: Osupuko Tented Lodge/ Wildlife Lodges or similar
– LUXURY:  Seronera / Serengeti Serena lodge/ Angata camp or similar

At 06.00h we will start the sunrise game drive. You will be accompanied by the melodic singing of the birds while searching for leopards and other nocturnal animals, you will also spot hunters waiting for their prey in ambush and contrastingly calm hippos, returning to their watery homes with their family.

We will return to the campsite or lodge, where we will enjoy a late breakfast at 9.00am. We will continue our game drive at 10.30am and stay in the wilderness for the rest of the day.

Our safari drive will continue according to the date of your travel and we will follow the animals on their trail, where you will be able to witness the annual migration.

For travellers between: 

We will drive to the south-eastern side of the park, visiting the Barafu Kopjes and the Ngare Nanyuki River area in the morning. Apart from the lion prides you find in the area, the Barafu Kopje is the place to visit for possible cheetah sightings. The Ngare Nanyuki River area is also well known for being packed with large herds of game and prides of lions.In the afternoon we will proceed around the Maasai Kopjes, which usually attract a great number of lions and some formidably large cobras. Kopjes are weathered granite outcrops, scattered around the plains, most of which are miniature ecosystems, providing shade and drinking water in pools left in the rock after the rains. This makes the kopjes particularly good for spotting wildlife during dry seasons – including lions, which like to lie and wait for thirsty animals!

From October to December, the migration is around Lobo area in the western Serengeti, known for its high concentration of lions and prides of over 30 individual lions are not uncommon. It is an excellent area to spot and take pictures of klipspringers, elephants and giraffes. Ngare Naironya springs in the upper part of the Grumeti river and serves as a watering area for the animals.

It will be our pleasure to take you through the Western corridor between July and October, when the wildebeest migration crosses the Grumeti river in the Kirawira area. This river ensures a large animal population in the western corridor. Here, thousands of wildebeest and zebras plunge fearlessly into the crocodile ridden waters. Plenty animals can be observed, including cheetahs, lions, hyenas and leopards. The Handajenga and Mbalageti River areas also attract a high population of Topi living in Africa. They are also a refuge for the rare African Hunting Dogs and the Patas monkey.We will also visit the Simba kopjes named after the lions frequently using the kopjes for sunbathing. You will also have an opportunity to see baboons, giraffes and several interesting bird species.

We will drive around the alkaline Lake Ndutu, used by a wide array of local wildlife, particularly between the months of December and April. The area is heavily populated with elephants and birds as well as resident plain game. This is also the area where the migration begins and where animals choose their spots for calving.After experiencing luxury with some breathtaking panoramic views of the open plains, we will enjoy our picnic lunch.

Overnight lodge/camp site according to the type of accommodation options requested.

Included accommodation 

– BUDGET: Camping
Optional upgrade:
– MEDIUM: Osupuko Tented Lodge/ Wildlife Lodges
– LUXURY: Serena Seronera / Mbuzi Mawe tented camp

After breakfast, we will start with a morning game drive and then head towards Ngorongoro CA via the famous Oldupai Gorge also known as “The Cradle of Mankind”.

The gorge lies on the same spot as once lay an ancient lake, which was covered by thick layers of volcanic ash, which carefully preserved the world’s earliest records of mankind. This extremely important prehistoric site was discovered by Louis and Mary Leakey and the exhibitions from different periods in its history are on display in the Oldupai Gorge Museum, located on the gorge’s rim.
Our visit will also include the famous Maasai bomas, where you will be able to meet the Maasai people, get to know their culture and their habits and see the most respected group of the Maasai tribe – the warriors. The Maasai warriors have many privileges because of their position and are thus the only Maasai individuals that are allowed to wear long hair.

While game viewing, we will proceed with picnic lunches to Rim of the Crater.

Dinner and overnight according to the standard and the type of accommodation requested from our options IN NGORONGORO CAA.

Included accommodation: 

– BUDGET: Camping or Rhino Lodge (clients can choose). The lodge option is subject to availability. The campsite offers stunning views of the crater, the lodge is more comfortable as nights on the crater rim get cold.)

Optional upgrade:
– MEDIUM: Wildlife Lodge
– LUXURY: Angata camp / Serena Ngorongoro

After breakfast, we will proceed to Ngorongoro crater for a half-day game drive, which is the 8th natural wonder of the world and the unique, world famous caldera with the most abundant wildlife. We will descend into the Ngorongoro crater floor.
From the comfort of your open-top vehicle, descending down the crater, you will enjoy amazing panoramic view and if you are lucky, you will see the Big five. The caldera is exhibiting more than 120 species of mammals. We will also visit saline lakes such as lake Magadi, which is a magnet for flamingos and other water birds. We will see pools full of hippos, the endangered East Africa’s last   black rhinos including birds such as secretary bird, white stork arriving from Europe during the wet season, kori bustards, crowned cranes and ostriches. It is for sure a landscape of sheer beauty. Another big draw card to this picturesque park is its dense population of predators, which include lions, hyenas, jackals, cheetahs and the ever-elusive leopard, which sometimes requires a trained eye to spot.

After the thrills and excitement of the day, you will have a picnic lunch in the park.  Thereafter, we will drive back to Arusha.

OPTIONAL (for extra cost):
You can add Arusha Hotel on day before and after safari, as well as transfers to pick you up from Kilimanjaro or Arusha Aiport for additional cost.

Most popular picks in Arusha by our clients are:
– BUDGET: Arusha Travel Lodge  / Mc ellys Hotel
– MEDIUM: Planet Lodge / Impala Hotel
– LUXURY: Mt. Meru Hotel  / Arusha Safari Lodge

Additional rate information

Safari available in budget, medium and luxury version according to your preference. Prices rise accordingly to level of luxury of accomondation.
The price you see here is for budget private safari. Accommodation is camping on most days, but on some days clients can opt for a budget lodge (no extra charge, subject to availability).
Price is valid when 2 people attend safari.
Upgrades to medium or luxury accommodation are available.
40 % deposit for confirmation required, the outstanding balance has to be transfered 30 days prior arrival

Please note all prices are subject to change if Tanzania National Park entry fees change!
Your day will always start after breakfast. Offered activities during the day are described in the itinerary description. Breakfast and dinner will be provided at the hotel or campsite.
You will also be given a box lunch on a daily basis to eat at a designated lunch spot in the parks.
All national parks close at 6:00pm, so all game drives will be completed by that time. It is important to decide the kind of safari holiday you would like to be provided with. However, our itineraries are flexible and opt to change according to your desires and wishes.

Animals are mobile; therefore timing should be planned carefully because some areas are suitable for visiting only during certain parts of the year. We advise you to consult us about the timing so that you will be able to experience Tanzanias wildlife at its finest in the best possible conditions.

Rates include

5 days game safari to Tanzania’s northern circuit as per sample itinerary
– Airport taxes.
– Hotel/lodge/camping accommodation for the duration of the safari
– Animal tours according to your itinerary preferences
– Private 4 wheel drive vehicle with a roof hatch
– Professional English speaking safari and tour guide / driver
 All Park entrance fees
– All meals on the safari
– water and hot drinks (caffee and tea) during safari
– camping equipment if applicable (tents, mattresses, sleeping bags, pillows, table and chairs),
– All game viewing activities specified
– Flying Doctors rescue insurance for the time of any tour with Shadows of Africa
– Price quoted per person sharing in US dollars

Rates exclude

– International flights.
– Transfers from/to airports
– Accommodations in Arusha on first and last night
– Airport taxes.
– Entry visas.
– Travel insurance.
– Tips and gratuities to safari driver ( and cook if you have budget camping)
– Laundry Gratuities and all items of a personal nature.
– Medical and personal insurance.
– Sightseeing,  excursions and optional activities other than those specified

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